funny term, mise en théâtre

If you’re a chef, you know about mise en place, having every ingredient and tool at hand before you begin to cook.  Film and theater designers know about mise en scène, the design elements which help set the tone and tell the story.  Graphic designers and printers use mise en page (placement on a page), mise en abyme (an image within an image).  Foodies and oenophiles know that mise en bouteille  means where a wine was put into the bottle and mise en bouche is a taste of things to come.

Mise en théâtre addresses the changing face of live theater in an increasingly electronics-oriented world. It encompasses articles, reviews, plays, interviews, links, quotations, and essays from my perspective as a creator, audience, educator, performer, student, facilitator, and sometimes funder of the milieu in which I’ve lived and loved most of my life.

Welcome!  Please share your comments, opinions, theater-related desires – let’s place live theater at the forefront of the communication arts.


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