working you into a lather


– 2 October 2016 –

Happy Sunday!

I’m going to be suspending this column for a while – as Stella said, life intrudes. I encourage you to look at other weeks, this is apparently my 225th prompt (according to WordPress’ calculations) so I’ve done my time.

One last prompt, tho, ere I depart.

Last week, I started mentoring a young wannabe-playwright (I put it that way because no actual plays have been completed, although classes have been taken and opportunities awarded). This person was utterly shocked when I asked the following question, because nothing like it had ever occurred to them:

Once you think you’ve learned how to write a play, is what you have to say worth the world’s hearing? Are you offering ideas to improve the human condition? Or change your or someone else’s life?



Wright – and I use that spelling advisedly – a play which could change you, which could make you more compassionate or kinder or more understanding of other human beings, or one which shows others how to do that, or even what happens when you don’t so that they won’t.

Craft a play which improves the human condition.

And then, wright another.












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