working you into a lather


– 24 July 2016 –

Happy Sunday!

A colleague posted this newspaper story, circa the 1920s.

Husband Missing A Week.
Kissed Wife and Promised to Meet Her a Few Hours Later.  ATLANTIC CITY, N. J., March 30.—A week ago today Wilmer S. Chew, 38, kissed his wife good-bye in the morning and promised to meet her at 1:30 P. M., to close a deal on a cigar and stationery store that Mrs. Chew was going to conduct, and left the house. He has not been seen since.
Mrs. Chew, bordering on a nervous breakdown, has pursued every possible clue as to her husband’s whereabouts without result. The day after his disappearance, Mrs. Chew discovered a journal kept by her husband, in which he had drawn a large number of strange pictures which Mrs. Chew described as “nightmarish.” The journal also included passages of text written in a language Mrs. Chew could not identify. Her husband does not speak any foreign languages, she reported.

And in case you need more, here.

Happy Writing.










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