working you into a lather


– 10 July 2016 –

Happy Sunday!

This week’s prompt reflects my recent experience – experience not so different from yours, perhaps? – filtered through the lens of a character in a work you’re currently a bit stuck with. The resultant scene may never see the light of day, er, lighting grid, but it may introduce you to sides of your character you hadn’t previously considered.

Your character is packing to be away from home for an extended period – say, a month – in at least three disparate climates, anticipating doing three disparate activities.

If you’re thinking “production,” you might have a lot of trouble with this scene because the set and costume designers, the propsmaster, the producer (filthy lucre being that topic) will get absolutely in the way.

So don’t think “production.” Think “exploration,” think “play.” Think about making your character’s life as complicated and difficult as possible.

And have fun!

Happy writing.









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