working you into a lather


– 15 May 2016 –

Happy Sunday.

A word-painting.

A downtown Portland street. A tall, healthy, tanned, fit man in his 60s. He wears clean casual clothing in good repair – think LL Bean, no socks. He leans a shoulder against a beautiful old building. His posterior, if you will, is on the sidewalk, several feet from the building. Next to him is a bright-yellow composite water bottle, and the mid-point of a crisp dollar bill is gently clamped between his lips.

He is asleep.

You can make this stuff up, but when the Universe offers a gift, it is polite to accept.

Happy Writing.

Oh, if that doesn’t speak to you, here’s a picture, purportedly of anomalies found on the moon.

appolo moon rocks youtube









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