advice, pure and simple


A colleague spoke about the undergrad playwriting class he teaches at a local Uni, mentioning that one session is devoted to a tour of the theater with explanations of what various items are for, and what people do on the business side of the proscenium arch.

I guess that’s a good idea for a beginners’ class. What shocks (and frankly appalls) me is how few playwrights appear to understand these things. Not to mention, what a director or actor does at a nuts-and-bolts level with the blueprint that playwrights deliver in the form of a playscript.

Don’t get me wrong – there are a lot of good playwrights out there, folks who understand the medium. But there appears to be a far larger demographic of those simply entranced with hearing their words come out of someone else’s mouth.

While this is aimed at actors, it is a remarkably good piece of advice for PLAYWRIGHTS.

And if you don’t know what the above photo represents, get yourself to a theater – not a “space” or “venue” but a THEATER, and learn.

Yes, I’m a bit tetchy this morning. But if you write plays and you follow this advice, you’ll be glad you did.










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