working you into a lather


– 31 January 2016 –

Happy Sunday!

Disclosure: I’m pretty addicted to the television show Leverage. Yes, I know it’s all reruns, I don’t care, the writing is smart, hip, funny, and sometimes brilliant; the cast is stellar, the direction as well (yes, some of it is Arvin Brown of Long Wharf fame). I’m also addicted to The Closer, same reasons, but that’s another column for another time. But you needn’t be a fan of either show to use this prompt.

At the end of the “The First Contact” episode, written by Aaron Denius Garcia, Nate acknowledges that he made a mistake, that he didn’t see/hear something, didn’t read someone right.

Sophie says, “I knew you’d get there eventually.”

And Nate says, “What happens when “eventually” comes too late?”

Which is an awesome prompt.

Happy writing!








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