working you into a lather


– 13 September 2015 –

Happy Sunday!

I was at a birthday party – have you noticed that adults’ birthday parties resemble the rather low-key parties of our childhoods, while children’s parties are more on the wavelength of extravaganza?

At any rate, at a recent adult birthday party, the conversation briefly turned to groceries, how grocery shopping has changed, this century, to “superstore” buying in mass quantities – yes, that was an early Saturday Night Live reference – and the difference in buying whether one is single or cohabiting or buying for a family.

Despite the current trend for workshop-type sets and few-character plays, very much driven by the physical costs of more elaborate or larger productions, this week’s option-filled prompt is meant to be set in a grocery store, a place filled with stuff and strangers.

If your character lives alone and normally markets only for herself or himself, suddenly she/he must feed a family of four for a month. Or, conversely, if the character is suddenly free to buy food for one, what would that character buy? What stresses would the sudden new situation foster? Who helps or impedes your character (of course in ways that speak to the character’s objectives and obstacles) and why?

For some reason, I’m suddenly hoping you’ll write a musical.

Happy writing!










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