working you into a lather


– 6 September 2015 –

Happy Sunday!

This week I’m thinking about the artist Will Shuster. If you’re New Mexican, you’ll know who he is and why now. If not, or even if so, you can have a look here.

There’s an interview with Shuster, an oral history project, where I found this quote. Maybe it’s not a prompt, per se, but a color on the canvas of a character or an underlying condition.

You know one thing I feel in my own life is that we place too much emphasis on time. I think time is a man-made thing. It’s really artificial. They’ve gotten so they split it into microseconds now, but there is too much emphasis on time and not enough on nature or natural phenomena, living with the sun and with the seasons rather than this drive, drive, drive, drive – I’ve got to get there in a hurry, got to get it over with. Constant push of time. Everybody being pushed by time or running after it.

Happy writing!










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