working you into a lather


– 5 July 2015 –

Happy Sunday!

Based on my recent series of prompts (linked ad nauseum in recent posts so instead of a seemingly random list of “here”s, why not go to my main page and click pictures), this one aims macro – the world of the play – rather than its structure or discrete elements.

What if, per some religions’ beliefs, the Messiah came?

And all those dead people who believed in the Messiah during their lifetimes came back to life?

Overpopulation is an obvious topic, but what about a society that must assimilate or at least deal with beings living in decomposed bodies? I’m certain you can come up with all sorts of other views of a post-Messianic world. Link this world to your previous exercises, if you’d like, or start fresh, or or or.

Have fun! Happy writing!

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