working you into a lather


– 21 June 2015 –

Happy Sunday!

This week, I attended the TCG National Conference: Game Change, and it was true to its word. One of the many changes I underwent derived from the brilliant and generous Paula Vogel.

One exercise we did was to write one story according to three different structural models.

Here’s Vogel’s list of what she calls plot forms, from the person who taught her about playwrighting, Burt States.

  1. Linear (aka syllogistic, cause-and-effect)
  2. Shakespearean (aka Brechtian, epic, associative)
  3. Circular
  4. Pattern
  5. Genre (aka generic or conventional)
  6. Synthetic fragment (in which all time is present at once)

We took a fairy tale – I won’t tell you which, go ahead and choose your own – and wrote it three different ways. In ten minutes, total. She chose the forms (I will tell you that one was Genre). No, we didn’t write the whole shebang(s) in one go, we blatted out whatever we could. And then some of us were fortunate enough to read one aloud, and the variety of voices in the room was, in and of itself, inspiring.

So, a gift. If you weren’t in Cleveland for #TCG15, well, you missed a hugely good time, and a transformational one in more ways than I can catalogue here. What a combination!

Happy writing.












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