working you into a lather


– 16 May 2015 –

Happy Sunday!

Yesterday I had the great good fortune of hearing a conversation between Laura Kepley, Artistic Director of Cleveland Play House, and Rebecca Gilman, playwright, and was reminded of this exercise. No, I wasn’t eavesdropping.

But that’s the exercise. Go out into the world and eavesdrop. I’d say ‘unabashedly’ but if you’re influencing the conversation, then you’re not really eavesdropping and no, this isn’t the moment to discuss the Quantum Theory Observer Effect.

Write the conversations down as accurately as possible.

Notice idiom, syntax, rhythm, pitch of each person. Notice how relationship, topic, subtext, even subject might be revealed rather than stated. Notice any- and everything you can.

Go out and do it again. And again.

You’re welcome. Have fun!











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