gratitude and asking for more


You’d think, given the great generosity of all who have contributed to the Indiegogo campaign to fund Rouge Étude Or How Sherlock Holmes Became A Misogynist, the title of this column would be simply “gratitude.”

But no.

As the current campaign* surpasses the dollars needed for its stated endeavor (funding the Dobama Theatre Playwrights GYM staged reading), my thoughts turn to the Cleveland Public Theatre Big Box series workshop-production – 12-14 February 2015, 7pm, James Levin Theatre at CPT.

These generous theaters – Dobama and CPT – have offered and are giving us a huge amount, starting with recognition of this playwright’s new work. They’re giving us their theaters (and rehearsal space, when they’re able), marketing support, front-of-house staff, and the knowledge that the Cleveland theater community is not only thriving, but actively supportive of each others’ work by deeds, not just word-of-mouth. CPT also gives a hefty grant of funds, but those funds only go so far for a work as densely complex as this one.

Any surplus gained through the current campaign will fund our Big Box budget, by its nature a much larger sum. Like, an order of magnitude larger. Not only will we pay artists** for rehearsals and performances – still not a living wage, sadly, tho more than the stipend offered for readings – but we’ll also need designers (costume, set, lighting), costumes, props, set pieces.

So, here’s the “asking for more” part.

First and most importantly, please attend the Dobama and CPT dates.


If you can contribute even $1, please visit our fundraising campaign site on Indiegogo. They’ve given me a wonderful discount on their fees for this campaign so if you contribute now, it’s altogether possible that I won’t need to do a separate campaign after the first of the year, leaving me that much more time to write and create. Because there is no staff, here, the playwright is also the producer, fundraiser, marketing manager, chief cook and bottlewasher… you get the idea.

And thanks, many thanks, for reading this, for supporting the work, for going to live theater. We couldn’t do it without you.


*2340 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, Monday 27 October 2014 at 7pm, admission free

**director, actors, violinist, stage manager, playwright

play violin body











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