Siamese cat twins

I feel validated, exonerated, any -ated you’d care to describe. In this ATYP blog, Hillary Bell states, “Playwrights Are Not Writers.”

I’d add a word – yes, my work is wordy but you might agree – “Playwrights Are Not JUST Writers.” I’ve used the architect analogy many times, as does Bell:

But playwrights are in a different business, because what we write is not an end-product. It’s not written to be read, it’s a blueprint for a future structure, an architect’s plan. It’s a roadmap, a set of instructions, a code to be cracked.

The idea that playwrighting is the easiest of the literary arts – well, maybe it is, all you need is a facility for dialogue, right? (ouch) – and pretty much anyone can get a bunch of friends to stand up somewhere and read their product aloud, right? And anybody can act, right, no profession there… Yes, folks, that was some very unattractive sarcasm, for which I apologize.

Go ahead, read Bell’s article and maybe my own, and weigh in.

Are playwrights (just) writers?

(oh, in case you were wondering about the photo, above, it’s Siamese twin cats. get it?)










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