blatant self-promotion


My newest play is getting some buzz, I’m thrilled to say, and even more thrilled to report that Cleveland theaters are getting behind it.  ROUGE ÉTUDE OR HOW SHERLOCK HOLMES BECAME A MISOGYNIST will have a staged reading at Dobama Theatre on Monday, October 27th at 7pm, and is the proud recipient of a Cleveland Public Theatre BigBox’15 workshop production grant, to be performed February 12-14 2015. 

These theaters offer time, space, publicity, and in-theater support, a huge and hugely generous commitment to local artists.  However, they don’t have the additional resources to also fund R&D personnel such as the playwright, director, violinist, actors, or designers involved in the gestation of a new work, so I’ve begun an Indiegogo fundraising campaign.

The terrific Cassandra Rose gave me the idea of offering custom-tailored short plays as thanks for your contributions, so please visit the campaign early, often, and bring your friends!

Many thanks – in advance and otherwise – for your support.









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