important goings-on #7

Raised hands

Interesting things are going on in the world.

Here’s another.

Just to whet your appetite for this terrific interview with Joy Meads, Carla Ching, Annah Feinberg, and Kelly Miller, by Polly Carl, a few tidbits.

Carla Ching: I have been pitched as writing like a man, and that being a positive thing. My agent has pitched me that way because she thinks it’s going to get me more work. That belies the bias about what writing by women looks like.

Annah Feinberg: We had been talking a lot about the response that we had heard from artistic directors about how either a) the work didn’t exist. Plays of quality by women did not exist. Or b) they didn’t have access to them. This was an action on our part to just answer that concern, yes, they’re right here.

Joy Meads: One of the inspirations and heartbreaks of this advocacy is that there are so many incredibly gifted writers—female writers, female and gender queer writers—who are writing today. A list that would really be truly inclusive and include every under-produced play by a female or gender queer artist that deserves production would be massive—pages and pages—it would crash our website.

Kelly Miller: We didn’t curate the list of plays themselves or the writers—we curated the people who were nominating the work. We emailed 250 industry professionals and 127 responded for this first inaugural list. It’s really important to us that people know that it was about really making this huge grassroots effort to get an industry-wide response.
THE LIST is an actionable, active advocacy on behalf of the entire industry, or as many new plays tastemakers and leaders and advocates as we could involve.

Gender parity for playwrights is happening because of the advocacy of women and men, and this list should move that initiative forward.

About time.









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