the velocity of acting



Playbill ran an article about Estelle Parsons and Stephen Spinella’s characters’ relationship in Eric Coble‘s Broadway play, The Velocity of Autumn. If you read the comments closely, you’ll get the acting tutorial of your life. Just as a taste, here are two of Spinella‘s comments.

As for being on stage with the iconic Oscar winner? “She gives you what’s going on with her right at that moment. You’re always on your toes… Her performance is never set. We affect each other in real time on the stage with our performances. We live in real time.” 
“There’s a speech in the play that I kind of figured out early on, and, when we were running lines, she said to me, ‘You know what that speech is. Now, let yourself find it every night.’ So now, every night when I do that speech, it’s different… I find something different in it every night, and it’s thrilling… You really live by the seat of your pants.”
Yes, boys and girls, THAT’S acting.
A 2006 rant by Arthur Penn prompted another article on this topic.



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