some really brilliant audition advice


OK, Christopher Busietta is an opera singer in Europe, but that doesn’t make the underlying information about auditioning any less applicable to Shakespearean actors, for example, in the USA.  

A couple of snippets:

Know who you are expecting to talk to and sing for

I have a horrible memory for names, so a little secret of mine (not anymore) is making a little PDF document with photos and names of the KBB, Intendant and the General Music Director and putting them in my phone the night before an audition.  It doesn’t guarantee that I will still remember the names (but that’s OK because they will introduce themselves anyway), but when I see the faces I recognize at least who I’m speaking to. It’s not really that important, but it makes me feel a little bit more connected to these otherwise faceless people.

Enjoy the audition!

Forget about what an audition is supposed to be.  You are doing what you love.  …  An audition should be treated exactly like a performance. You have an audience of people who love opera to entertain, you have a character to portray, a story to tell and the chance of showing how much you love doing what you do. If you can make them enjoy it, you are doing one heck of a job – so enjoy it yourself!

 And the whole shebang here.

Thanks, Chris!


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