yep – women-driven films do better at the box office – so why are there so few?


Today, I was directed toward this two-pronged study

They looked at the Bechdel Test (see its origin here) and financial information from The Numbers, “where data and the movie business meet.”

“we found evidence that films that feature meaningful interactions between women may in fact have a better return on investment, overall, than films that don’t”

Seems to me that male-driven movies get made because there’s more money in it for the men who make them – more jobs at significantly higher salarys all ’round. So it’s not about the ROI (return on investment) – interesting acronym, French for king. The prevalence of films by, of, about, and for men has to do with the moneymaking capacity for – a few – men.

Sounds like a world microcosm, doesn’t it.











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