working you into a lather


– 2 February 2014 –

Happy Sunday!  This week’s prompt comes to you from, well, I won’t be so transparent about that.  Suffice it to say that it’s mine to share, although I didn’t generate it.  Saying more, well, say no more, at least not here or now.  (Remember, there has to be mystery or why would an audience stick around?)

Write a 15-page scene with three (3) characters, one (1) monologue and one (1) soliloquy for EACH character.

In this scene, someone must reveal, use, break, continue to use, and discard a tool during a soliloquy or monologue; and someone must make a map; talk about wallpaper and famine; disrobe; mock someone else by repeating what they say in a screechy voice; get bored; read aloud from something printed; ask where the bathroom and Post Office are; pretend to drive a truck; and shake hands with somebody.

Oh, and something has to fall from the ceiling or sky and hit someone.

I think I’ve gotten it all in.

Happy Writing!











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