how do you write?


Not what.  Not about whom.  Not, ‘how do you come up with ideas’ or ‘what inspires you’ or ‘what’s your genre’ or ‘do you prefer long, multi-clause sentences or short, terse ones’.  But how?

Do you use a pencil and paper?  An iPad and two fingers?  An old IBM Selectric with the rotating ball?  A quill pen dipped in your enemy’s blood?

Sometimes, I pencil any nearby scrap of paper, heat-sensitive library receipt, sticky-pad, envelope, wall; pen on eye-soothing green lined steno pads; china-marker on a large newsprint easel pad; stain water with tears.  I’ve been known to pace or dance, declaiming, then scramble to type-and-save before I go dry.  I walk for miles, stopping and repeating both the pearls I’ve evolved and the string of them, not much exercise other than of the little gray cells.  I sing and chant and doodle and jump, I verbal-ramble into a voice-record app, I sleep, I dream.

How do you write?
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