working you into a lather


Happy Sunday!  – 6 May 2013 –

Here’s the metaphor:

A group of people stand in a room, all fairly close to each other.  One person begins to sing a simple song – or, if they’re brave or foolish or foolishly brave (and doesn’t every act of bravery comprise at least one small act of foolishness?), a complex song.  A second person begins a different song, then a third – again, a different song, hopefully in a different key, with a different time signature – and so on, and so on.  Somehow, each person is monitored as to whether they remain on pitch, in time, and singing their own song’s words.

Remember that exercise?  I was exposed to it when auditioning for The Sound of Music as a child: it was one test of whether one could sing R&H’s counterpoint, which is far simpler than the above exercise, but when a nonmusician running the audition…  but I digress.

Here’s your task:

Write a (fill in your form here) in which each character has an opposing action to some aspect of the others’.  Put it by, pick it back up after a while, and see which actions/characters are inadvertently in harmony with others’.  Conversely, observe those that you expected to come out in opposition which show synchronicities.


Happy Writing!




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