would I reblog someone with whom I didn’t agree?

early writing implements

Brian Doyle – a playwright I’ve gotten to “know” in the FBverse – is on a quest, to make one play submission per day for an entire year.  He’s closing in on it as I write, and has begun sharing bits of wisdom accrued along the way.

This post includes seven tips for theaters that would like to be more playwright-friendly.  Hey, we playwrights are a friendly lot, so why not?

And as long as I have you here, here’s what made me reblog:

2) Please eliminate submission fees. Acknowledge that by using money from submissions to pay the winner is essentially paying the few with the loss of the many, while your theatre collects likely-royalty-free ticket sales. While I understand the practical financial appeal to this, it suggests playwrights should just be happy to receive a performance, and ultimately it makes me and other dramatists sad playwrights.

Read the other six.  And follow his blog, he’s an inspiration.



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