Not just the major changes that happened while I was gadding about NM and B’way and Oz – like, you can see Downtown from the Heights (in the 70s, it was smog smog smog, and of course the Cuyahoga River caught fire – twice) – but the explosion of theater.

40 years ago, there were a lot of good, earnest theater groups and a rather amazing training ground that spawned a lot of folks who went to “the show” in baseball parlance (oy, the Indians, but that’s another story).  But now, the opportunities to act and direct and write and wright and devise are just off the map.

Non-Clevelanders, ex-Clevelanders, if you want to pump up your resume while living in a top-10 foodie-tourist destination that is affordable, MOVE.  The opportunities range from storefront improv to two – TWO – LORT theaters.

Cleveland has been touted as the 4th-largest theater-producing area in the country, did you know that?

And people here are nice, actually nice, we’ll chat with perfect strangers while waiting on line for just about anything, we’ll smile and meet your eye when walking down the street.  Yes, walking, there are quite a few neighborhoods where everything you need is in walking distance.  We’ll cheer you on, even when you’re our competition, celebrate your victories and commiserate your losses and ask your opinion and take your advice.  We’ll offer a helping hand or even, in one case in my personal circle, a kidney if you need it.

I love Cleveland.




2 thoughts on “I LOVE CLEVELAND

    • Cleveland is awesome! I stopped here a little over 7 years ago – after 33 years in NYC, Santa Fe, and Melbourne, VIC (Australia) – to figure out what was next for me. Staying was one of the smartest and luckiest things I’ve ever done.

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