working you into a lather


– 10 February 2013 –

You can’t make this stuff up!


Step 1.  Ask 3-5 actor-friends – they don’t have to be friends with each other, just with you – what character each would like to play.  Trust me, actors always have ideas about this.

Step 2.  Put all of those characters together and see what they do.

Step 3.  Come up with a plot, and write a play.

With thanks to Christi Stewart-Brown, whom I do not actually know.  DW Gregory (who I met at the Dramatists Guild’s first-ever National Playwrights’ Conference) posted on FB (no, I’m not linking to FB, they’re doing just fine without that) about writing a certain kind of play, Christi (whom, as aforementioned, I do not know, but in the Interverse I can call her by her given name) said she’d once done the prompt I’ve shamelessly appropriate.  And somebody turned it into a film!

No, this hasn’t become a screenwriting blog – I’m still entirely unclear about that discipline – and getting a play turned into a film isn’t my be-all or end-all – tho I do dream about that kind of paycheck and residuals – so the above anecdote serves only to show that this prompt could evolve into a viable work.

Happy Sunday!


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