on the charging of submission fees, part three

It’s not often that you hear me recant.

Not doing that now, but I am demurring.

Dontcha love language?

I’ve been plenty verbal about which side I come down on regarding submission fees.

That said, I’m also a bit of a realist when it comes to living in the world.  Although I tilt at windmills, I’m aware that certain opportunities offer a benefit so many orders of magnitude above the fees requested that I’m willing to submit my work for their consideration.

Don’t get me wrong.  The opportunity to pay a dollar-per-page-fee to submit a 10-minute play to a festival that will very kindly use it to fund themselves and not pay royalties: that, I find immoral (a word that has prompted a near-firestorm of controversy, but I still stand by it).


When I think I have a work that might catch their eye and fit their bill, the opportunities afforded by certain entities are simply too awe-inspiring to pass up.  I’ve submitted to this kind of opp three times in the five years that I’ve been playwrighting, spending about $100 all told.

I spent more than that applying to grad school – and don’t get me started on that.

I live by my good name – as do, I hope, we all – and this small caveat in my otherwise vociferous denigration of fee-paying opps has stuck in my craw for some time.  So I’m setting the record straight, and am certain that I’ll sleep better for it.

This is the third of three posts about submission fees.  Here is the first, and here is the second.










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