quotations monday – John Patrick Shanley


There’s a school of thought that you should be able to find everything you need within yourself. I believe that is the lesser way.  JPS

You are a democracy. You must listen to many voices, serve many interests. You will never please all your parts. You must lead, but only after you confer and deliberate. Occasionally, you must be bold for the timid, strong for the weak, judicious for the rash. You must include those aspects others might reject as wrong or ugly. Your identity is a potentially beautiful government, greater than any one part of you. Build a building in your imagination, your Parthenon, decorated with your sacred symbols, and invite all your views to don white robes and meet therein to discuss your life, its tracjectory and purpose. Speak to Others with the image in mind that they are the heads of other states, states with which you may not agree, but must respect, so that there be abiding peace among nations.

The chariot that travels from experience to significance is driven by a hungry god. It’s not enough to live. You must spin the straw of life into gold.

Regret is in the end an unrealized artistic impulse, a desire to rework raw experience into something satifying.

A dream, the kind that has a chance of becoming real, must have a sharp and jagged edge. A dream like this you must handle with great respect. It is dangerous, useful, beautiful.

The music leaves a place for the dancer.

The gods explode from the sea and take over the world each morning. We walk between silver staircases. Nothing is normal. We see things unexceptionally in order not to be overwhelmed. Adventure, danger and extreme kindness, this is the weather of Paradise. Awake.

How can the setting sun sit square at the end of every block, reach out its red hand to each man and woman who looks? How is it that life is so generous and specific? The moonlight comes right to me on the sea.

and my current favorite

What mistakes have you yet to make? Reimagine them as ambitions. Your future will come alive.


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