this is not about playwrighting mfa degrees

allen thtr original

Despite the title of the article linked below, this is not about the MFA question.  Not just about that.  It’s also amazingly excellent advice for anyone interested in theater, and especially those interested in making theater*.

The title of this linked article is “Should I Get an MFA or What Should I Do Now That I Have My MFA” by Polly Carl.  Sounds pretty straightforward, doesn’t it?  But it contains advice like

Volunteer at places unrelated to theater. Understand that theater is a part of a whole, but not the whole.


See as much of every kind of art that you can take in. Close down your Facebook and Twitter accounts for days at a time and read novels, listen to authors read their works on podcasts, go to museums, operas, symphonies, rock concerts, and ballets.

Follow the link above and read on, this is all excellent and really interesting advice.

* A recent discussion of the spelling – theater? theatre? – had one fella correcting a whole roomful of people, stating that the former spelling only, ONLY ever refers to the places where films are shown, and that real theatRE people know that the latter is the only way for legit folks to spell it.  Are you laughing?  


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