Broadway plays written by women earn on average 18% more than those written by men*


So why is it so difficult for women playwrights to get our work produced?

A couple of years ago, the Los Angeles Female Playwrights Initiative gathered an astounding array of facts, including that women playwrights, directors, and designers receive less than 20% of nationwide professional production opportunities.  Add to that, in 1908/09, only 12.8% of the productions on Broadway were by women playwrights, and some 100 years later, the percentage of major New York productions written by women was 12.6%.

Yet nearly 70% of theater audiences are female, 65% of theater tickets are bought by women, plays about women won 15 of the 30 Pulitzer Prizes for Drama awarded between 1980 and 2010, and – see the title of this column – Broadway plays written by women HAVE MADE MORE MONEY.

For the full article and references on which the above is based, go to The Facts.

*Not There Yet: What will it take to achieve equality for women in the theatre?” by Marsha Norman, American Theatre Magazine, November, 2009.


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