what those in the forest can learn from those who can see the trees

Some friends and colleagues, quite a few of them, brought my recent attention to this column.

For me, it points up the problem with many of the plays I’ve been seeing and reading: they start the play a long time before the inciting incident to exposit the world of the play.

I’m a great advocate for jumping in at the right moment and folding the exposition into the behavior of the characters and their world (yes, worlds “behave,” consider the storm in THE TEMPEST).  It’s a whole lot trickier, more difficult and time-consuming to bother to get to know your characters well enough to do this, but your work will be at a MUCH higher level than the simplistic, hand-holding storytelling currently getting attention.

Theater practitioners of all ilk want new audiences to revitalize this august art form.  We’d all do well to pay attention to the review linked above.




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