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Good morning!

– 14 October 2012 –

Much is said and done, these days, to combat bullying in the schools, and hooray for that, it’s certainly about time.

But what about the bullying adults suffer on a daily basis?  There’s a story in the news about a bus driver who finally fought back, and was suspended from his job for his efforts.  He probably went too far, decking* the woman who had gone after him, but when people don’t take it, when they stand up for themselves, they are often targeted for their response.  As if there had been no impetus to their behavior.

Ergo, this week’s prompt, a somewhat more subtle – and ultimately more insidious – situation.

Set up a world using this as your inciting incident**:  Your character is being bullied by a passive-aggressive, one who had the foresight to suck up to the person-in-power when your character didn’t cave at the bullying’s first instance.  Your character is increasingly targeted and blamed for defending her/himself.

If you get something out of this prompt, I would love to read the work.  I’m writing on it, too.


* If you don’t follow the link or read to the end of the article, as opposed to what was first perceived to have happened (a large man decked a small woman), here’s what actually happened (a small woman verbally taunted, then spat in the face of and punched a large man, who then decked her).  

** “An event that radically upsets the balance of forces in the protagonist’s life.” Robert McKee, Story



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