despite what I said yesterday (or maybe because of it)

Please remember that I LOVE Cleveland.

A former Clevelander, Alan Safier, posted a link to this article and I had to continue the trend.

I’ve spent the past couple of days sharing rides to rehearsal with a young colleague, and much of our discussion has centered on how much we love Cleveland, how beautiful it is, how grateful we are for the opportunities it offers, especially how nice and supportive the people are.

Another of today’s conversations centered on the Clevelander habit of complaining about Cleveland. Nobody calls us “the mistake on the Lake” with more relish than the natives.

To those who fit the above description, WAKE UP AND STOP COMPLAINING!  Cleveland is an extraordinary place to live and thrive, and if all you can do is complain about it, please live somewhere else for a while – at least until you can appreciate just how good we have it!

Yesterday’s column posited that there is too much theater in Cleveland as a stressful thing, both for theater practitioners and audience (how many shows am I missing seeing this month???).  Here’s the flip side: if you’re a good actor and reliable, you can go from show to show to show with nary enough time to see your partner.  If you’re a good director, well, that demographic is pretty thin on the ground here, so you can beef up your resume in no time flat.  I’m not saying you’ll make much money at either of these things, but the idea that you can come out of college and not starve for quite a few years before ekeing out a living, you’re living in an episode of Glee, not the real world.

Want to do a lot of theater?  Come to Cleveland.  Want to see a lot of theater?  Come to Cleveland.  Don’t give a rat’s about theater?  Come to Cleveland, we have one of the top symphony orchestras in the world, a gloriously reimaged art museum, a ring of beautiful parks, terrific restaurants, and a whole slew of things I’m continually discovering .


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