and what would you serve?

You’re organizing a literary dinner party and inviting three playwrights. Who’s on the list?

“Sappho, for a bit of ancient gender politics; Aphra Behn for theater gossip; and George Eliot because everyone who knew her said she was fascinating. All women, because they know how to get talking about the nitty-gritty so quickly and are less prone to telling anecdotes. I’d have gone for Jane Austen if I weren’t convinced she’d just have a soft-boiled egg and leave early.”  ~Emma Thompson**

By me, Aristotle – I’d like to know what was in his rules for Comedy, the ones everyone says he wrote but have been lost in the sands of time.  (Personally, I think that’s hype.  Death is easy.  Comedy is hard.  Somebody would have kept hold of a copy.)  George S. Kaufmann – the unsurpassed master of structure? the man who always collaborated? no-brainer.  Oscar Wilde.  If you have to ask…

What’s your list, and why?

And, what would you serve?

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* Discussing the Divine Comedy with Dante by Dai Dudu, Li Tiezi and Zhang An.  Here’s the key.

** Ms Thompson answered the question about writers in general.  I’m asking about playwrights.


2 thoughts on “and what would you serve?

  1. Tough. Virginia Woolf- for discussion and social topics, Truman Capote- just because he’s a great party guest, Zora Neale Hurston- Social topics with consciousness, George Bernard Shaw for drink detail and global politics, Aristophanes, for fun. What would I serve? Hmmm, creme brule with a nice pot roast and some garlic mashed potatoes and a toss salad.

  2. I would invite Kalidasa and Shakespeare, to test my theory that Shakespeare was a reincarnation of Kalidasa, Alfred Jarry to make things wild and crazy, and James Joyce, because he was a brilliant writer but a terrible playwright. I would serve roasted vegetables, rice, and baked salmon, with my green chile-apple chutney, and something chocolate for dessert. (P.S. I wouldn’t serve pot roast at any dinner party where George Bernard Shaw was a guest!)

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