what is a poem?

What is a poem?

What’s a play?

Does modern poetry confuse you?

Elude you?

Some current theater?

Me, too.

Much of the poetry I read doesn’t answer the question.  The “poems” seem like short stories or wild flights of fancy that don’t add up.

There are some plays I’m told are brilliant that share those traits.

So, will someone please explain to me – in a CRAFT way – why these are considered “poetry” – why some plays I see as foolish or crap or a great third-draft effort but in need of 90 minutes’-worth of cutting are produced?

Who’s in charge?

Who’s the arbiter of such things?

Is it whimsical, like high school?

Are those in power the ones who want the power – and are therefore not trustworthy with that power?

Really asking, here.

Really confused.

©2012 all rights reserved


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