I’ve been dragging of late – you’re getting tired of hearing this, I feel your pain, but I’m here to give you my brand-new energy secret.

Thanks to Dr Mehmet Oz, on whose website I found the fodder for this little recipe.

Slice and then smash with the back of your knife about 3″ of fresh ginger.  Boil it up with three cups of water for about 5 minutes.  When the water has boiled, throw in one-quarter cup (about a dozen teabags) of green tea, and let it all steep for five minutes.  Strain it into a pitcher, and fill the pitcher with cool water, maybe 9 cups? or less, if it’s a smaller pitcher.

Let the whole thing come to room temp, then fridge it and enjoy.

It makes me far more awake and alert than from my second-cup-of-coffee (no, I’m not giving up the first) and I stay that way far longer.

And now, WORK!



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