yes, I’m wimping out

You may have noticed – if you’re following, that is – that I’ve been a bit lax in my posting of late.

Sorry about that.

It’s summer, it’s hot, but the bottom line is that prior to the past couple of weeks, I haven’t cleaned my house or worked on my garden (other than keeping it as tidy as it wants to be) in something like three years.

I don’t know about you – well, that’s a dumb thing to say, of course I don’t know who’s reading mise en théâtre at this particular moment – but I’m better able to concentrate on my work if I’m living in orderly surroundings.

Pause for those who know me personally to roll around on the floor, gasping and wheezing for breath, so great is their laughter.

My sense of order, my tolerance for what others might kindly call ‘mess,’ is at a very different level from some people’s.  But when my house is clean enough for Faye to come over – I’d say Mom, but she’s been gone for 8 years already – every creative task is easier.

So, the real content of this post is a link to Patrick Somerville’s response to the New York Times’ review of his new novel, This Bright River.

“He’s a novelist,” you say, “what would he know about theater?” and I’d say, “A review is a review is a review, with thanks to Gertrude Stein, and every writer should read what this man has to say about the whole process.”  Plus, it’s funny and smart and very well written.  The article, that is.  I’m guessing so is the book.  But that’s not my point.

My point is, I’m letting someone else do the writing, today, and going to Talespinners Children’s Theatre’s inaugural production, The Tale of the Name of the Tree.  Which runs for the next two days, so if you’re in the Land of Cleve, you should go!

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