A humanitarian plea.

Now that they’ve confirmed finding the Higgs Boson in the Large Hadron Collider at CERN

now that we know the stuff we’re all made of, and that we’re all (and I mean everything) made of the same stuff

may we please treat each other a lot better (and I’m talking about the world’s governments)?

Here’s a cartoon video (ignore the first bit, an unintelligible conversation in the CERN cafeteria – the important (and fun) bits begin at the 38-second mark.

And if you think this has nothing to do with theater, well, theater is about the world, and this is a very large piece of news in our world.


2 thoughts on “geek

  1. Deborah,it has taken long enough,but I made it here to see this wonderfully insightful cartoon on the Higgs Boson.I understand Peter Higgs will get the Nobel in Physics(but maybe Leon Lederman should share it too.)Ihavebookmarked this page to return.

    Hope you can see Barbara Barkness play, ZEB, which I am directing in March,2014 at Ensemble.

    My quantum best,
    Martin Cosentino

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