you want to know this guy

Ever hear of Finegan Kruckemeyer?

What a great name!

Is he an EU astronaut? a CERN scientist? the protagonist of a children’s play?

That last one is closest.

I’m rounding out a week of writing about Fin, or what Fin said and did during the magical couple of hours when I met him (check out the previous 5 posts), and wanted to add one more big huge THANK YOU to the man for his generosity of spirit and expertise.

Which appears to come from his collaborative nature.  One interesting thing he mentioned was that a major skill of playwrighting is the ability to be alone as well as in company – thanks, Mr. Kruckemeyer, for that observation as well!

There’s a paper he wrote called the Taboo of Sadness.  Yes, the man is brill.  I had provided a link, but the paper has been published and Fin asked that I take it down, so I have done.  Here’s a link to where you might buy it.




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