do this in a group, part one

You can do this by yourself, I may do this by myself, but the gifts you get from others’ psyches are likely more valuable than those you give yourself.

You’ll need writing implements and paper.  I guess you could do it with laptops on a network, or via email, but there’s something about the viscerality of pen-in-hand, a beloved notebook, sharing your epithelia.

Divide into sub-groups, ones and twos.

1. Each group, conjure up the following.  fyi, each topic (buildings, people, world) is exclusive of the others (in other words, the buildings have nothing to do with the people, who have nothing to do with the world).

3 buildings

3 people

A world, as follows:

something that could not have happened in this world

something that people still talk about (perhaps from the mythical past of this world, perhaps the concrete past)

something that could happen

something that is true about this world

Hand off what you’ve written to the group to your left.  Let go of your earlier answers.

2. Using the people, place, buildings you’ve now got in your hands:

Someone enters.

how did they enter?

what did they do?

what happened to the world and people on the piece of paper?

More on the morrow.

And remember to thank Finegan Kruckemeyer.

©2012 all rights reserved

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