faith and trust

I’ve been accused of being remarkably naïve.

So you’ll understand why instances of retaliation, no matter against whom, surprise me.

During a recent production, an artist had commited to do some drawings and a painting. He did absolutely brilliant work on the drawings, even adding animation, but the storytelling discovered in rehearsal rendered those drawings unnecessary and they were regretfully cut.  And then he didn’t deliver the painting, absolutely crucial to the story and a cornerstone of the set for most of the play.

Happily, another local artist was able to whip out an excellent painting in just a few hours, crisis averted, but why was there a crisis in the first place?

I have other examples – luckily only a few – but I think the point is made.

So much of life is knowing whom to trust.  It’s shocking when folks bail, but even worse when those who one successfully trusted in the past come a cropper.

What has this to do with theater?

In the ultimate team sport, trust is pretty much all there is, both offstage and on-, but I’m learning that relying on past experience is simply not trustworthy.  I hate to be the sadder-but-wiser girl (and I know this isn’t what Meredith Wilson had in mind when he wrote that awful/wonderful song), but in my experience, the Universe escalates the difficulty and pain of lessons that one hasn’t learned with alacrity.

My question is, how does one warily participate in theater?

Guess I’ll just keep workin’ on it.

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