every time, it’s different

People ask me – and not just other writers – What’s your technique, your habit, your practice?

For me, each time is different.

I’ve written from stories I’ve been told, or history, or adapted novels and a symphony.

I made up a story from whole cloth based on only a relationship, that of two people who both love a third person but do not know each other.

I jumped off from a classic and moved a minor character to a different historical time.

But I always knew how the stories would end.

I’ve just finished the first full draft of a new play – chime! – and for the first time, I didn’t know how it would end until the very last.

The ending doesn’t surprise me in its elements, its philosophy, its language.  Merely in its self.

I think my characters knew from the start, and they have been very patient and generous in guiding me.

And I think that this is the part of playwrighting that no amount of collaboration or improv-point-to-point or dramaturgy can foster.

Thanks, Universe, for the gift.  Thanks, Gretel and Shawna, for its delivery.
©2012 all rights reserved


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