process post #2, direction

How many times, as an actor and singer, have I endured a director’s ire, wrath, temper tantrums?  How many times has that director been a man, how many a woman?

Given that women directors are about as rare in the professional world as produced women playwrights, you might be able to answer that yourself.

Rather obviously, in last night’s rehearsal I lost my temper.

The why and wherefore aren’t germane – the company was both supportive and forgiving when I apologized.  But I have little memory of any other venting director apologizing for that kind of behavior.

I pride myself on running a tight, challenging, fun ship, keeping my hands firmly on the reins (to mix my metaphors) while leaving enough slack for actors to play.  Anger, to me, is a personal failing.  It also costs me – today is my first migraine in months.

Sometimes explosions are necessary to break logjams, but I try to use explosive laughter or movement – the other night, we had a jumping-jacks break.  Last night, not so much.

What are your experiences with anger in rehearsal? How did you handle it on either the giving or receiving end?

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