in the know

In celebration of the devilishly complex blocking that I’m achieving by way of a very talented, dedicated, dear group of actor/singers, here are some of my favorite bits of advice.

“You ask my advice about acting? Speak clearly, don’t bump into the furniture and if you must have motivation, think of your pay packet on Friday.”  Noel Coward

“Acting deals with very delicate emotions. It is not putting up a mask. Each time an actor acts he does not hide; he exposes himself.” Rodney Dangerfield

“Eighty percent of success is showing up.”  Woody Allen

“There’s a rule in acting called, “Don’t play the result.” If you have a character who’s going to end up in a certain place, don’t play that until you get there. Play each scene and each beat as it comes. And that’s what you do in life: You don’t play the result.”  Michael J. Fox

“Acting is a question of absorbing other people’s personalities and adding some of your own experience.”  Jean-Paul Sartre

“Acting is standing up naked and turning around very slowly.”  Rosalind Russell


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